【LaTeX技巧32】** WARNING ** Couldn’t open font map file&

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I've just installed TL2011 on Windows 7 and updated it from the net. The installation produced no errors and everything is fine - but now xelatex (and not pdflatex nor lualatex) ends every invocation with

** WARNING ** Couldn't open font map file "kanjix.map".

I already did a mktexlsr and an updmap --syncwithtrees, but to no avail; there is still nokanjix.map and xetex wants it.

How do I get rid of this warning either by creating the file or removing it from updmap.cfg?

EDIT: My updmap.cfg has these lines:

KanjiMap ptex-@kanjiEmbed@.map
KanjiMap otf-@kanjiEmbed@.map
KanjiMap morisawa.map
KanjiMap otf-cktx.map



updmap-sys --syncwithtrees
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