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\title{Introduction to \LaTeX{ } Symbols and Commands \\ [2ex] \begin{large} Common Expressions in \emph{AURORA} \end{large} }


There are two basic ways to change font sizes in Latex:

- To change the basic font size used all the way through your paper, put either

"11pt" or "12pt" in your \documentclass line.  For example, if you had:


but you wanted to use 12pt type (10pt is the default), you would change it



NOTE:  12pt is an option to the "report" class, not a separate

package, so doing



will *not* work.

- To change just a part of your paper into a different font size, you can use

some of the sizing environments.  In increasing size, they are:












The case is important in these commands.  Also, in some document styles,

some of these commands may produce the same size font.  For example, if you

wanted to just make a small part of your text in a different font, you would

use something like:


This is in normal text, while these words are in {\large large text}.

Or, if you wanted to put a larger region in a different size, you'd use

something like:


this will all be in small text

this too.







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